OK, that’s a logo. But a logo is so much more. We’ve created brand identities and logos for all sorts of people. From national health insurance startups to a science fiction publishing imprint, a photographer with an obsession with weedy sea dragons to an artist obsessed with promoting death.

Every identity we deliver reflects the business, organisation or individual it represents with a quality that stands the test of time. However, like business, logo’s need to evolve, indeed some of the logo’s we showcase here have been updated, (sometimes by us) but one thing we hope hold true is the impact and the smile our work brings to an organisation. An identity can reinvigorate a business but it can also unite a team and create pride in the work place.

The Chops For Tea logo, affectionately known as Donald, at one point had four legs but one Christmas we were stuck for a creative idea and so ate one of them. (Actually he’s always had 3 legs we just thought it could be a cute explanation)

The original Chops For Tea logo (2011)

Updated (2018)

High Touch Recruitment Consultancy (2010)

Science fiction imprint for Harper Collins (now Independent) 2009

Australia’s Newest Health Insurance Company (2011)

Product & lighting designer, Ben Rousseau currently based in California (2008)

Melbourne based lithographic printer (2017)

Northcote Road’s (Battersea) longest serving real estate agent. (this version 2016)

The Little Candle Shop (2018)

Emotional Intelligence Programs for Schools (Swinburne University) (2015)

Melbourne based builder (2008)

Melbourne based boutique fitness (2015)

Ganawarra Shire youth website (2016)

Sydney based business coaches (2017)

 Central Victorian disability care provider (2016)

Business diagnostics (2018)

Online couture retailer with an Italian influence (2012)

Regional training hub for adult education services (2013)

London karaoke bar (1999)


Brand strategy consultancy (2016)

Hot Black interior design consultancy (2013)

Death advocacy, brand & retail for artist Hayley West (2017)

A revolution in car insurance (2012)

Melbourne’s oldest kindergarten, established in 1856 (2009)

Wildlife & commercial photographer (2013)

UK dance record label (2001)

Stand alone denim offer to work with the existing SABA logo (2010)

UK based trade association established in 1961 (2000)

Marketing strategists (2014)

Castlemaine based publisher (2017)

The 2nd largest (at the time) UK based property portal (2002)

Exclusive Bali based retreat with focus on female wellbeing (2016)

New innovation for the Melbourne coffee scene & beyond (2016)

GO — Wellness program for ACOEM (2018)

Local further education provider (2014)

Counsellor & Therapist (2017)