We like to bring the beast out of our clients. OK you could read that as best, the point is we’ll get you noticed.

We eat brands for breakfast and relish creating the visual, verbal and experiential aspects that define them. If you’ve got a business – or just an idea – we can help you bring it to market, or market your entity more effectively.

Our holistic approach is tried and tested.

Under the umbrella of strategic brand consulting our services encompass brand workshops, graphic design, ux, digital design and marketing, copywriting & more.

Our clients range from global and national brands right down to sole operators, so we reckon we’d be able to help anyone who comes knocking on our door. Our door is in Castlemaine, though we’re quite partial to traveling.

Brand Strategy

Got an idea and … er, nothing else? We can workshop where you and your idea are, or where your existing brand is right now, and help you navigate to where you want to go. We run all manner of brand workshops tailored to suit your business. We’ve even developed a self-guided brand workshop which is proving to be very successful.

Visual Identity

Once you’ve got some rules about how your brand should behave, we can show you how it should dress. That is, we design logos and the accompanying brand language to show you how the language can extend to all your brand’s touchpoints.

Graphic Design

From a simple business card and letterhead, brochureware, marketing collateral, exhibition banners, point-of-sale — we can do it all. There’s not much we’ve not had a hand in but feel free to test that.

UX / UI Web & App Design

So, you want a website? We’ll sit down with you to understand just what it is you’re wanting your website to deliver. We’ll then scope the project and make clear recommendations before we develop the site architecture and create the wireframes. Once you’re happy, we’ll create look and feel options, then develop final design work ready for our developers to commence the build. We don’t design websites, we create user experiences that fit your brand.

Social Media

Want to get noticed? How much? How brave are you? Would you do this: http://bit.ly/chillicarrot
Aside from pushing our clients and challenging their perceptions, we conceive ideas, generate content and with a preferred partners, we can run social campaigns across all the current platforms of choice.


If you don’t have a name for your idea, product or business we can help you come up with one. This is one of our favourite things to do.


Choose your words carefully. What you say can make you instantly more attractive. Or not. We have a team that understands personality goes a long way and we cherry pick our copywriters to suit our client’s needs accordingly.

Brand Guidelines

Look after your brand and your brand will look after you. You’ve invested time and money in you brand — it makes sense to have some clear guidelines on how its expressed. For you, your team, stakeholders and anyone working with your brand, guidelines or a style guide will provide clarity and ensure consistency for your visual and verbal communications.

Let’s talk.

We’d love to hear about your exciting new plans, discuss ideas and explore how we might approach a project for you.


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