From 0200 to 9944 there are around 3280 postcodes covering over 15,000 cities, towns, townships and areas.

Embrace its familiarity, rejoice in your PJs, walk proudly around the streets of your neighbourhood (wearing your mask). Let’s celebrate home sweet home as, without a doubt, the place you live and by default its postcode are undeniably a little part of you.

I love my current postcode 3450, the sequence of these numbers is especially pleasing but I also love 2680, 3121 & 3122 the other places I have lived. However, I feel there is beauty in every postcode.

Inspired by a love for pattern, shape, colour and administrative boundaries I’ve created a design system that brings these passions together.

Introducing the Candy Range.

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3000 — Melbourne, VIC

Each number is featured in one of 4 hero colours. Mixing and matching colours create endless combinations (almost).

2680 — Griffith, NSW

2481 — Byron Bay, NSW


0872 — Uluru, NT



The current postcode system was introduced to Australia in 1967. The 4 digits represent sorting information often linked with one area. Larger cities and town mostly end with a zero.

2484 — Murwillumbah, NSW

6725 — Broome, WA

3450 — Castlemaine, VIC

You’re invited to build your own postcode choosing colour options for each number. Sadly we are not able to show you a live preview, as this is still in development, but we will send you a proof via email very quickly — with an option to see an alternative if you choose — once you’ve made a purchase.

Currently, A4 prints are offered in the block format only.

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