It’s every designer or client’s dream. A Magic Design Pill, that when consumed (let’s not worry about the details here) enables the taker to produce solutions to any design problem, instantly.

Or could this be a nightmare?

Thankfully there is no Magic Design Pill. I’ve even checked on the interwebs but imagine if such a pill did exist. How would it work?

Do we just pop one — for a perfect 1 time only pilled-up solution? What happens if we pop 2?  2 perfect solutions? And is that taken with water and do we still need to do the actual work? Does the pill taker drop into a deep state of (creative) concentration and start auto-creating?

Or do we just pop the pill, from the designer blister pack, add water and watch it miraculously grow? Ready for us to harvest — ‘picking’ the ideas we love the best? How do we create vector artwork from that?

Or is this a pill administered by our Macs? “Siri — can you please just put together that social media campaign for me, please. Yes, you’ve had 3 pills this morning you greedy little ai…”

So ideas growing inside our computers — like a virus… (yeah surely not).

Really? What could possibly replace the thrill of the creative journey?

I posit that if such a pill did exist that we wouldn’t be queuing up to take it… (well maybe you gotta try it once). But think about the deep desk-based research (Covid days), workshopping with clients, the mapping of competitive landscapes, defining personas, the craft of pulling a mood board together. And that’s all before you’ve even had a thought about a creative concept. That all gets skipped.

There is real magic in what designers do. A creative process that helps to give meaning and structure to what we do to enable us to bring ideas to life. The process is the magic pill, the vehicle that enables us to journey down a well-trodden path with every new project or client allowing us to see the path in a new and exciting way.

The creative journey, inside our creative process.


The foundation for any creative work.
Get your thinking right and the rest will fall into place. For brand identity, a brand workshop is an invaluable & revealing discovery tool.


Exploring the possibilities.
Create visual expressions exploring themes from your research. 3 concept directions offer an array of ideas every good project deserves.


Focus & refinement.
Developing a concept, testing assumptions and pushing design boundaries. Exploring imagery
and relationships between colour, shape & type.


Say it like you mean it.
Roll out design collateral with a bold conviction that honours your thinking & research.