Why do we love pushing buttons?

Well, there are lots of reasons — historically buttons were new technologies. Amazing to consider that ‘back in the day’ we had to learn how to use buttons but once we did there was no stopping us.

If we unpack the functionality behind the button of course we reveal that there’s always a motivation. An action, a call to action in the World Wide Web… that has an outcome. When the function is clear it’s like turning a light on, or closing the elevator door. We’re in control, we like being in control. We see the effect of our action. This basic functionality is clear and predictable (most of the time).


However, this changes somewhat when surfing the web or your favourite app. The button has the ability to take us on a journey… especially if that button incentivises the user with a promise of, er showing you something exciting or of value… herein lies the trick of the naughty hackers.

Whether its supporting your friend’s endeavours or applying a discount code we are all, sometimes, far too quick get involved.

So clearly we are all vulnerable to our own judgment (or lack of in the throes of an un- caffeinated early morning) so I’ve decided to create a little experiment right here for you to try.

The idea behind this leads into another very engaging conversation around UX/UI button design — a can of worms we’ll open another time  — but for now here are 3 buttons.

Press a button

Or will you just play it safe and not press any?
And what will influence your decision?