It seems procrastination has become something of a dirty word.

I agree, it’s not the prettiest word to look at and it certainly doesn’t roll off the tongue like onomatopoeia or hippopotamus or quite a few other words I could jot down here. But I might be wasting your time so I’ll get to the point… This is an idea I’ve had for a while. Hopefully the title is clear.

So this is just me and my thoughts laid bare. Based on everything I’ve ever done in my life to this point (including 25 years as a graphic designer) and a few books I may have read along the way. Oh and maybe a trip I once had on the 86 bus to Romford.

Or perhaps it’s an insight into the mysterious workings of a designer’s mind or an attempt to create some mildly thought provoking / entertaining content across my social media channels… although I feel that would be far too cynical of you to think that.

However, maybe (and this is closer to the truth), this is just a way of avoiding other seemingly more important stuff that needs to be done. Like hanging out the washing, cleaning up kitten shit or going to bed. The latter, because maybe I’m a bit of a night owl and wake up at 2 am full of ideas, if I ever attempt to be in bed before 10 pm.

But here’s the thing… I’ve spent a couple of hours putting this together (possibly longer) this evening, something that I’ve been putting off for nearly a week. Although, I confess, I have been thinking about it. My motivation to finally get round to it was based on a few things that sit at the heart of these musings:

1  — I said I was going to do this last week so I thought I should. Actually I have written more of this guide but thought I better post an intro first, which this is,

2 — I’ve been thinking about doing this (for a number of months),

3 — I really wanted to create some mildly thought provoking / entertaining content across social media channels…
4 — I’m actually delaying designing an app interface for a Sydney based client who is not on Instagram,

5 — there are probably more reasons.

Here’s something to think about. Are you? Do you? And if you do, how do you do it? And what type are you?

And I don’t mean Proxima Nova, which is, what this text is set in if you were wondering.

So, I’m dead impressed if you’ve indulged me this far. Thanks. I’ll get on with it — in the second part that I’ve called ‘Green’ for no particular reason.

You can jump to it here.

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