Mind Fit at Work aims to make employees around the world feel good — and who doesn’t love that idea.

They facilitate mindfulness, well-being, leadership and a host of other workshops, tailored to their expanding global client base. Chops For Tea has created an identity & communications befitting thought leaders in this space.

Working in close collaboration, we have developed a suite of marketing materials, including a website, that truly reflects the fun & engaging programs Mind Fit deliver. The visual language we’ve developed speaks to the personality of the brand and business owners — a happily unexpected approach in a corporate landscape that’s all too often filled with uninspiring communications.

+ Brand Workshop
+ Brand Identity
+ Responsive Website / UX Design
+ Business Stationery
+ Marketing Collateral

The Mind Fit brand identity comes to life.

From the outset animation was an integral part of the design consideration, the expressive animation adds character and fun to the identity.

The Mind Fit logotype has been designed with fun in mind and as such it works in a suite of colour options on various colour backgrounds, including black & white.

The exclamation mark is an integral part of the brand toolkit, It’s used across the website and on other branded items where the main logotype is simply not required.

Expressive colour & typography. A rich, vibrant mix, the Mind Fit palette comprises of 13 colours that combine together across all visual communications.

We use a combination of fonts across all comms. Inter (designed by Rasmus Andersson) has been selected for its clear functionality — Abril Text (designed by José Scaglione & Veronika Burian) for its legibility, personality and contrast with Inter. Both fonts complement each other and work beautifully with the Mind Fit identity.

Heads, hearts, hands & minds.

The Mind Fit website is a key lead capture tool. We’ve created a simple but fully immersive experience, inviting the audience to engage in a fun and playful manner. Graphic motifs are a key part of the identity.


The Happy Factor — this is Mind Fit’s special ingredient and it’s acutely expressed via the website.

A custom-built WordPress site — our SVG animations are small and quick to load.

Flexible, adaptable, hands-on — this is the Mind Fit way…

Branding befitting Mind Fit’s global reach.

From small beginnings in 2015 Mind Fit at Work has expanded its operations across the globe. Their clients include household names such as Netflix, Spotify & Astra Zeneca. It was incumbent on us to develop a brand identity concept that matched the ambition of the business owners.

Traditional branded collateral is still a vital part of the Mind Fit brand tool kit.

From business stationery and cards to client-branded pull-up banners & client proposals, ‘Happy Done Different’ shines through, helping to further the Mind Fit brand experience.

Mind Fit pull up banner

letterhead & business card

Mind Fit proposal — document example

Gavin’s ability to think laterally, his attention to detail, coupled with deep investigative workshopping & process has delivered a brand identity & marketing collateral that truly positions us as leaders in our space. We’re thrilled. The experience of working with Chops was nothing short of fun, the team have done such an amazing job, thank you, we love it all.

Gina Carlon-Tozer
Global Managing Director