Working with my team at the Storyland Studio in Castlemaine, we’ve crafted a brand worthy of the practices the centre promotes.

An initiative developed by the national museum Sovereign Hill, the Centre for Rare Arts & Forgotten Trades, was launched in late 2022. The centre aims to keep rare arts and trades alive through workshop practices and master classes, providing a place to learn and preserve unique skills.

+ Brand Identity
+ Symbol design
+ Marketing Applications
+ Business Stationery
+ Launch Website
+ Brand Guidelines

The challenge of creating a timeless brand identity

From the outset, the very length of the name was going to require considerable thought to the design approach, and we embarked on numerous creative directions exploring all manner of visual devices — from stamps and emblems to monograms and hallmarks.

The Rare Arts & Forgotten Trades identity comprises a logotype designed to work in a horizontal and vertical format and an ‘R’ symbol, developed as a unique device to be used in conjunction with or in isolation from the logotype.

The wordmark adapts a combination of Avant Garde and Futura typefaces, creating an almost sculptural feel and timeless quality, ideas we wanted to imbue within the brand

The logotype has been design to work horizontally & vertically

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines lay at the heart of a brand, the blueprint for an organisation’s visual and verbal identity, ensuring consistency and coherence across all platforms and touchpoints.

The R device is a flexible brand asset that works in any number of configurations.

The R device
A flexible brand asset that works in any number of configurations.


The primary font, Libra Franklin, has a bold presence and is characterised by some softly-spoken curves and some distinctive type forms. It brings a subtle, handcrafted quality to pages and screens.

Core colour palette

A carefully curated core colour palette has been developed to embody the essence of the artisanal spirit that the centre champions. The deep and rich palette serves not only as a visual homage to the timeless beauty and complexity of traditional crafts but also as a symbolic gesture towards the depth of knowledge and passion that each art and trade encompasses.

Secondary colour palette with graduations

Business Stationery

Made with stone, or wood, or fabric, or metal…

Macro photography plays an integral part in the brand’s visual language. Materials and textures are heroed, reinforcing the timeless quality of each discipline.

Display banners


Preserved for future generations

The Rare Trades instructors have been selected from all over Australia for their incredible skills, passion and desire to maintain techniques of the past to share with us now and preserve for future generations.

Launch website

More application examples

Specification sheet, flyer, social media covers & EDM banners