The Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA) Central Victoria is one of 15 CASAs throughout the state. It’s a not-for-profit, government funded organisation providing trauma informed counselling, advocacy & support for people who have experienced a recent or historical sexual assault.

Working in close partnership with the team at CASA we have created an identity that truly reflects, the nature of, and values held by the organisation. From our initial consultation through to workshops, research, conceptualisation and design development we have delivered a host of marketing collateral, including an extensive website, aimed at multiple audiences. Most importantly it speaks sensitively and with an approporate tone of voice to the people that have experienced sexual assault.

+ Brand Workshop
+ Brand Identity
+ Stationery
+ Annual Report
+ Fact Sheets
+ Information Brochures
+ Marketing Collateral
+ Website

The principle concept behind the CASA-CV identity is simply one of transformation.

The CASA-CV approach is that a person is not asked to retell their experience, giving therapeutic counselling, support and advocacy for people impacted by sexual assault, to enable them to heal from trauma. The identity looks to symbolise this journey.

Font families, primary & secondary colour palettes

The CASA-CV website has been reimagined to become the ‘go-to’ destination for anyone that has experienced sexual assault.

In addition it’s now a powerful resource for professional services and community groups providing comprehensive information, downloads and video content.

4 page information brochures are still a primary source for communicating the many services CASA provides. We created a strong colour system to help easily identity the different service offerings.

Business Cards


Fact sheets

A vital communication template, these fact shets (over 40) are readily available to download from the website, all with a simple and clear layout.

Annual Report

Modules taken from CASA-CV infographic


Display Banners

This important visual collateral ties in with the overall look and feel for the brand.